Welcome to Supercharge My Health

Welcome to this new blog, started with the launch of my new book, 3 Effective Treatments to Solve Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery sold on Amazon or by purchasing here. 3_treatments

This book covers some philosophy and coping techniques of living with chronic pain, and treatments offered by professionals in your area, including directions on how to find them. Treatment information supplied is provided by experts in this subject, the same ones I’ve used with success. Stories are from my experience, provided by my friends or referred by the experts I trust my own care into.

I am a patient; I don’t speak medical gobbledegook. When I describe how something feels, it’s not in technically correct medical jargon; it’s how I describe things to my friends. (Exactly when does anyone normal describe being happy by the chemical changes in the body? Yikes!) Instead I’d say “I was walking on a cloud yesterday!” – not technically correct, but a great visual.

This year focuses on living with chronic back pain, including dealing with daily issues, how friends, family and co-workers can help, mindset tweaks and surprising connections to habits that will optimize health. This weekly blog will be 200-300 words; you can have it emailed directly to you by signing up below.

I’ll be asking you to suggest future topics, both in this blog and in future books on different treatment types. Where I am unfamiliar with some types of treatments I will interview others to leave you with the patient’s story.

Thank you to all my supporters in my journey back to health. Hopefully information supplied here will help you find the right treatment strategy to make positive changes in your own journey.

A final thought:
If you don’t care enough to own your own health, who else will?

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  1. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.