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I have never been kind to my body:

  • I started falling down stairs as a toddler; my last stair fall was a few years ago
  • I’ve fallen off frightened horses
  • I’ve done the movie banana peel slip on the ice; falling on what I was carrying
  • I’ve been in multiple car accidents, most fender benders, but the most serious at age 17 included crumpling up a 1970’s all steel Ford sedan at 50 miles / hour
  • I spent 25 years in martial arts; the first 5 years in Judo

15 years ago my back protested, thumped me over the head and started sending continual messages of pain. It forced me to begin a long journey to get better. Now, after 26 types of treatment, I’m almost completely pain free, and moving back to an active lifestyle.

Along my trip, I’ve helped friends connect with different treatments to solve their back pain problems. Now I want to help others find the right solutions.

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